getting the most from your charitable donations: double word score!

The timely use of “double word score” and “triple word score” squares is an important part of Scabble┬« strategy. Sometimes the same can be said of charitable donations, there are a number of ways in which you may, sometimes, be able to get a “bonus multiplier” on the effect of your money. This particular entry is US-centric in several ways (in particular, discussions of tax effects), but perhaps some of the other ideas here will apply more globally, feedback welcome!

Employer matching programs. Many private employers, particularly larger ones, have programs by which the employer will match employee contributions to charities. In my limited experience, many people often don’t know if their employers do have a matching gifts program, so it’s important to actually ask your employer if they do. » Continue reading “getting the most from your charitable donations: double word score!”

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Getting the Most from your Charitable Donations: Focus

It’s a daunting task to begin taking on the challenge of figuring out to be more effective at making a real difference in the world, so I’m going to start slow, and spend the first few articles talking about a few simple ideas for using donations as a more effective tool for activism.

The first thing I’ll suggest is focus. ┬áSimply put, “don’t spread your donation dollars too thin.”

There are an enormous number of tragedies and injustices being done in the world, and an enormous number of ways of making the world a better place. But if you are going to donate $250 dollars total in a year to different causes, there are a couple problems with spreading that out into twenty-five ten dollar donations. » Continue reading “Getting the Most from your Charitable Donations: Focus”

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